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A Class Driving School


his is a Government certified course for Beginners with a Class 7-GDL Licence. This course gives you 10 HOURS of On-Road training and 15 HOURS of Classroom training. This includes One-on-One sessions In-Car lessons and Group sessions in classrooms which will help you learn about everything about driving SAFELY and CONFIDENTLY on Canadian Roads. On successful completion of the course you are eligible to receive a CERTIFICATE which helps reduce your Auto Insurance premium.

A Class Driving School


This course is Government certified for Class 5- Non GDL Licence holders who want to reduce their insurance premiums. This course gives you 6 hours of On-Road training and 15 hours of Classroom training. On successful completion you are eligible to receive a Certificate which helps reduce Insurance premiums.

A Class Driving School

Certification Courses

These courses helps Drivers with any Alberta driving licence to learn driving while reducing their Insurance premiums.

We also provide online course for insurance reduction classes


Full Course

$425+tax North East Area

$550+tax North West Area

$400+ taxDriving Lessons 10 Hours